Certainty in Uncertain Times

Unprecedented, uncertain, unknowns – there has been a lot of uns around the coronavirus pandemic. We keep hearing it everywhere and incessantly. So it’s not surprising that many people are seeking reassurance and certainty so they can make informed decisions for many aspects of their lives.

Finance has figured predominantly throughout the COVID-19 crisis and we are well aware that now, more than ever, our customers want greater confidence that we can secure them cheap caravan loans. We provide that assurance that Jade Caravan Finance services are operating business as usual and we have a number of resources available to give you certainty around securing a caravan loan during these uncertain times.

Our reference to caravans includes the full range of vehicles in this category including RVs, mobile homes, caravans and camper trailers and our cheap caravan loans apply to all these vehicles.

Repayment Estimate Resources

Before proceeding to commit to a purchase, we appreciate that our customers want at least some idea of what repayments may look like for various purchase prices. The purchase price is an important buying consideration but what that means in terms of what you will be paying each month in repayments can be even more important.

To assist you in this space, we have provided a convenient, easy to use caravan finance calculator on this website. It’s free to use and you can use it for as many vehicles as you are considering without any obligation to proceed further if you don’t wish to but with a quick proceed function if you’re ready to go.

Using the caravan finance calculator may provide you with the certainty you are seeking. For a detailed step by step run through and disclaimer, please refer to our Online Caravan Finance Calculator website. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

You simply enter the details of each caravan you are considering purchasing into the fields as indicated. The details include the loan amount which is usually the purchase price of the caravan; the current interest rate which we have displayed on our website; and the loan term, which is how many months you would like to repay your caravan loan.

Once all the required fields are completed, you simply click CACULATE and an estimated repayment on that particular set of data will be displayed. Be mindful that this is only an estimate as it does not allow for any fees and charges which be applied by individual lenders and any specifics around your individual application. Your quote may be lower or higher than the one displayed.

While the estimate is not an approval of or offer for a loan, it may give you certainty around some aspects of the loan side of your caravan purchase.

Use it for as many vehicles as you have your eye on to make comparisons. Compare used against new, the basic compared with the more luxurious model and manufacturer against manufacturer for similar vans.

Pre-Approval Resources

What could you give you greater certainty to proceed with your caravan purchase than already having your cheap caravan loan approved and ready to go? Yes, Jade Caravan Finance can provide that level of certainty with our pre-approved caravan loan service.

Pre-approved loans are processed in the same way as standard loans except they are arranged based on a purchase price range not a specific vehicle. When you apply for a caravan loan you will usually have already selected the van and agreed on a purchase price with the seller. With a pre-approved loan, you advise our Jade Caravan Finance consultant the price range of the van or vans you’re considering as the loan amount.

Your consultant will go through the process of sourcing you the best loan offer from our wide range of banks and lenders, negotiate the cheapest caravan interest rates and provide you with a quote.

If that quote meets your expectations, you can then, with certainty, proceed to engage in discussions with caravan sellers to purchase your vehicle. With your vehicle selected, contact your Jade consultant and they will finalise your loan, assist with the paperwork and even liaise with your seller to streamline the process.

Jade pre-approval caravan loans provide the certainty that your finance is organised so you can confidently proceed to select the vehicle.

Many aspects of our lives might be facing uncertainty. But at Jade Caravan Finance, be assured we have a ‘no problem’ approach.

  • If you just want to make an enquiry – no problem
  • If you want to discuss the options available to you – no problem
  • If you’re a business operator requiring caravan finance – no problem

To add certainty into your caravan purchasing process, contact Jade Caravan Finance and discuss a pre-approved loan with one of our consultants. Call 1300 000 003