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We’ve made the task of comparing loans and interest rates from a range of banks and lenders quick and easy. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of major lenders in the sectors which shows the loan they offer and their current advertised and comparison interest rate. Use this as your loan tool by entering the loan amount and term you want to see the estimated repayments from each lender, including our cheap rate offer.

Camping Trailer Finance
Interest Rates Comparisons

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Why Use Jade Caravan Finance?

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Cheap caravan loan interest rates

Cheap interest rates are what defines and differentiates us from others. We utilise our superior skills in negotiating with our vast selection of lenders and banks and push our bargaining muscle to get our customers the cheapest rates. Your Jade consultant is solely focused on your interests and sourcing you the best deal.
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Using Jade is the right decision

Engaging a specialist leisure market finance broker gives you the competitive advantage when seeking a loan. We are specialists in this sector of the finance market and have acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge which we use to achieve the best loan offer for you. Not all banks and lenders will have a caravan or motorhome loan product and may offer you a more generic loan product, priced at a higher rate than a specialist loan. Jade’s specialisation allows you to tap into the lenders that do offer finance at the better rates.
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A company that delivers

We are here to help and work for you. Not the banks! We do not just want to arrange your new loan for, we want you as a customer enjoying the best in caravan loans interest rates and suitable tailored financial packages. Better Rates, Better Loans.
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Camper Trailer Finance – Camping Trailer Loans

We match your choice of a convenient, compact RV with our convenient lending service and our very compact, low-interest rate finance deals. Whether for your personal recreational use or to head out into remote areas for business purposes, we have a range of loans and finance products to suit you and your RV.

  • Personal Loans and Business Finance
  • New and Old, All Makes and Models
  • No Deposit Camper Trailer Finance
  • 1-7 Year Loan Terms
  • Cheap Interest Rates
  • Streamlined loan sourcing, negotiating and settlement service
Financing for Camper Trailers

Finance Camper Trailers for New and Used Models – All Ages OK!

Buying new is the ultimate, but often the budget or a great range of second-hand models on the market attracts you to purchasing a used RV. While some finance companies may be apprehensive to talk loans for second-hand goods, we have many lenders and banks that will look at new and older leisure goods.

New or old, from a dealer, manufacturer or private seller, locally or interstate, whatever the details around your purchase, we can assist you with sourcing the best loan offer.

Secure Financing for Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers
Loan Product Options

Our comprehensive range of finance products includes lending for private buyers, new and established business acquisitions, and even options for credit issues.

Select the type of loan or finance product that will work for you and your purchase or just contact us and one of our specialists will talk you through the options:

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Secured Finance

For private buyers, we offer the Secured Loan which is the most widely-used type of loan for these categories of leisure goods. The vehicle is used as the security against the loan, the camper or caravan loan interest rate is fixed at our cheapest achievable rate, the loan term is fixed, the monthly repayments are fixed – so it is all sorted for you to head off on your travels. Confident and relaxed that your loan will remain the same over the full loan term.

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Unsecured Personal Loans

Where the goods are not suitable to be used as security against a secured loan, an unsecured loan is an attractive alternative. While the interest rate is always higher than for a secured loan, this type of loan is flexible, allows for extra payments to be made and we can source offers at cheap rates.

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Business Use – Chattel Mortgage

When purchasing goods for use in a business, the Chattel Mortgage is by far the most popular and versatile finance product. The borrower takes immediate ownership of the goods which are used as security against the finance, the interest rate is fixed at our cheapest rate, the repayments are fixed and there are significant tax benefits. When purchased with this type of finance, the goods are considered ‘depreciable assets’ and the tax benefit is realised when the asset is depreciated in the annual accounts. This means the goods may be eligible for accelerated asset depreciation measures such as temporary full expensing and IAWO when available. Chattel Mortgage also attracts the lowest interest rate across business finance products. Check out our current achievable rates!

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No Docs Loans

If you’re starting a new business or haven’t been trading for long enough to accumulate the financial documents required to complete a business finance application, don’t worry. We have workable, cost-effective options with our no doc loans for caravans and camping. Specifically structured and sourced to meet the needs of businesses with insufficient docs to satisfy banks, these loans are secured by our team through our specialist non-bank lenders. And at cheap interest rates. Contact us for an obligation-free discussion around how we can assist you.

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Camper Trailer Loans for Bad Credit

We have options available through some lenders and banks for approval with bad or poor credit applications. Don’t ditch your travel plans just yet. Give us a call to discuss the ways we can get you out on the road in your own RV. With one of our finance experts handling the deal on your behalf, we spare you the hassle, frustration and implications of contacting multiple lenders yourself.

Our comprehensive service ensures

  • Quick quotes
  • Fast approvals
  • Prompt settlements

You’ll have one of our experts handle your deal to provide a single, direct communication channel to keep you updated and ensure your finance is sorted asap.


No need to wait, just request an obligation-free quote or use our online resources to apply online or over the phone.


We promise to achieve cheap interest rates and we have an impressive track record for not being beaten on that score. Our team will be working in your best interests to achieve the cheapest loan offer that matches your requirements and your RV.


Speak with a lending expert to discuss your finance requirements. Call 1300 000 003.

Our company is a specialist in financing leisure goods and we’ve structured our service to suit the RV owner’s lifestyle. A service that offers our customers the freedom and flexibility to choose their loan type, many choices in lenders, and all carried out in a relaxed, streamlined style where we do all the loan sourcing and negotiating for you.


We provide a comprehensive lending service where we don’t just show you the loan options and interest rates to compare on our website. We actually do the hands-on work, on your behalf, of sourcing you the cheapest loan deal from across our network of over 60 lenders. Lenders that include the biggest names in Australian banking, well-known consumer finance companies and those special non-bank lenders that only operate through their finance industry connections such as our company.


As an RV owner, you’re probably quite a hands-on, DIY person yourself. But handing this particular loan sourcing task over to us can result in a much more satisfactory outcome than handling it on your own. We have direct industry-level connections with lenders that are active in the RV finance sector and ready and willing to do loan deals. As major lenders in leisure vehicles, We have accrued significant bargaining power with our lenders to drive down the interest rates for our customers.


The industry knowledge, honed negotiating skills of our team of specialists and vast connections gives us the edge in sourcing you a lower interest rate and the loan terms and conditions that suit YOU, rather than you having to settle for what the bank wants.


Wherever you are in Australia, wherever the vehicle you intend to buy is in Australia or wherever you plan to travel in Australia, we can assist with our specialist caravan loans lending service.

Use a Camper Trailer Loan Repayment Calculator

  • We offer options for no deposit finance so you can include the full purchase price in your loan amount.
  • Use for as many makes and models as you want.
  • No special skill required, easy to use and it’s free to use.

A must-have resource when attending expos, showrooms and supershows to quickly calculate repayments as you inspect what’s new on the market.

Affordable Choices for Refinancing Camper Trailers

Take advantage of cheaper rates and look at a competitive refinancing option. Rates across the board are at historic lows so now could be the time to consider sourcing a cheaper deal on your existing loan. Once locked in at our low fixed interest rate, your loan is fixed at that rate for the full fixed loan term. Relax and travel in confidence that you’ve secured the cheapest finance deal.

Easy Camper Trailer Financing – Fast Approvals

You may want a relaxing, easy-going time on the road, but you don’t want delays when it comes to sourcing finance.

Jade Caravan Finance - Your Trusted and Reliable Partner
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DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

We work harder to secure the best rates.


In order to provide the best experience, your details are saved on our secure server as you enter them.

Camper Trailer Loan FAQs

When applying for your camper trailer loan with Jade Caravan Finance, we want all our customers to be fully informed with any uncertainties resolved. We have covered the general information around camper trailer financing in our web pages and in this section we drill down to even more detail. We’re providing direct responses to particular concerns and queries which we hope will assist you in moving forward with your purchase and your finance with us.

  • In general, lenders do not request that borrowers pay a deposit on the loan itself. Lenders can work towards achieving customers a loan which includes the full purchase price of the camper trailer where requested. This would be known as no deposit finance. The term is sometimes used as a promotional slogan to attract buyers where the dealer is also offering finance. As such it is in some ways unnecessary as lenders do not usually request deposits.There are some circumstances where a lender may request that the loan applicant pay a larger deposit for the purpose of reducing the overall loan amount due to income assessment and servicablilty of the loan.

  • You can apply initially either online or via phone. When dealing with a finance broker you will be assigned a consultant who will handle your loan and assist you through the process. After providing the consultant with the necessary information and details in line with consumer credit regulations, they will proceed to source you a quote from our lending panel. This includes negotiating the cheapest interest rate on your behalf. The quote will be presented to you and all aspects of the loan explained. On acceptance of our quote, your consultant will proceed to the next stage of the loan processing through to approval. They will also assist with the paperwork, liaise with the seller if requested and handle the final steps through to settlement. Settlement is when the lender pays the seller for your camper trailer.

  • Yes. Both Secured Loans and Unsecured Personal Loans have the option to pay out the loan before the end of the loan term. These loans are arranged with a fixed loan term. If your circumstances change and you choose to finalise the loan before that time, you can contact the lender for what is known as the payout figure. This will be an amount which covers the principal loan outstanding, interest to the time, set fees and charges and break fees. Break fees are charges by lenders when a loan is paid out early. For Secured Caravan Loans and Unsecured Loans with fixed interest rates the break fees are minimal. For loans with a variable interest rate, no break fees normally apply.

  • No. Loans are assessed, offered and approved based on aspects of the applicant’s credit profile and ability to repay a loan and aspects of the camper trailer in regard to new/used and the loan amount or purchase price meeting the lender thresholds. Where the buyer intends to take the camper trailer for recreational and travel purposes is not taken into consideration with the loan process. Loans for on road, semi-off road and off-road vehicles attract the same conditions and guidelines. The insurance policy that you will need to take out on your camper trailer may be impacted by where you intend to travel, but that is up to individual insurers to determine.