Caravan Holidays Bucket List

Go when and where you want, no check-in queues, no luggage restrictions, no airport transfers. it's not surprising that caravan holiday is enjoying an exciting resurgence as more people discover the amazing benefits and advantages to be enjoyed and experienced.

At Jade Caravan Loans we’ve been able to assist a wide range of people purchase their wish-list caravan and set off to explore and holiday across the country. If you’re thinking maybe this summer holiday is the ‘year of the caravan’ for you and your family, then now is the time to look at buying because some manufacturers have a reasonable lead-time for delivery. Before finalizing your plans, using our caravan loan repayment calculator can give you a clearer picture of your financial commitments. Give your Jade Caravan Loans Consultant a quick call to pre-arrange finance to expedite the process.

To support those customers who are already living and loving their caravan, RV or camper and to spark interest in those who still have a caravan trip on their bucket-list, here’s some information and ideas to enhance your caravan holiday experience.

Pre-Trip Preparation

With the Christmas-New Year holiday season only weeks away, now is the time to prepare your caravan for your next trip. Like all valued assets, regular servicing and maintenance is essential to ensure safety and performance and longevity.

It’s always advisable to have a caravan specialist give your van regular scheduled checks, and in for DIY, check your manufacturer’s manual for specific pre-travel checks for your model. Check the website for any alerts and updates you may have missed.

Here are a few general pre-travel guidelines:

Check the fire alarm is working, change the battery as a precaution and make sure the fire extinguisher and blanket are in good order. While ensuring compliance with caravan laws, check the batteries in torches and other battery-powered items, check fuses and light globes, both internal and external. Check all window, door and screen latches and locks are secure. Ensure water tanks are clean and filled.

Do a run-through check of all tech and operating systems – av, solar, batteries, stove and other appliances and of course, the gas bottles. Most importantly, have brakes checked professionally and ensure wheel bearings are undamaged, clean and properly adjusted. Check tyre pressure is correct for your load weight and upcoming road conditions. Ensure chains, towing aids, chocks and jacks are in good working order. Double check that you have all the right cables and connectors, ie phone and other device chargers, safely onboard.

It’s a good idea to research the locations of service centres for your make and model en route and around your destination, just in case you need emergency repairs. And of course, check that you have the latest maps for your trip and have thoroughly researched the road conditions and facilities en route and weather forecast. Don’t forget to book your site in advance if you’re planning to stay at a park - browse popular caravan blogs for reviews and ideas. Thorough pre-travel checks and research can save a lot of hassle down the road!

Support Drought Affected Communities

If you’re yet to plan your next trip, why not support drought affected communities by visiting those parts of Australia. There are regions in every state suffering and the local businesses need the visitors to come and spend to stimulate their local economies. Stay, eat, play and immerse yourself in the local attractions and interests. Don’t forget to stock up on your water supply well before you enter these areas so you are self-sufficient and don’t need to use their valuable and minimal town water supplies.

Above all, safe travels and look out for others on our roads.

If you’d like to get into caravan holidays or upgrade to a new van, your Jade Caravan Loans Consultant will be happy to assist with organising a great loan for your preferred caravan, RV or campervan.

In future issues we’ll look at other lifestyle purchases to continually bring you up-to-date information on a range of topics and ensure you are making well-informed purchase decisions.