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Caravan Loans Interest Rates - Compare Finance Rates

7 Jul Today's
best rate
Caravan loans from
3.99 %
With a low
5.22 %
*The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, new goods, effective 07/07/2021 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

Compare Caravan Loans Interest Rates

We have taken the complexity out of converting and comparing advertised interest rates into what they may mean for you in terms of loan repayments. Simply enter the amount you want for your loan and how long you’d like to repay that loan and our comparison tool calculates possible repayments. Easy, quick and immensely useful in sourcing your loan.

Loan Amount
Loan Term
Caravan Loan
3.99% Secured
5.22% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Personal Loan
13.50% Variable
14.37% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Personal Loan
12.99% Variable
13.86% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Personal Loan
12.69% Variable
13.56% Comparison
Monthly repayment
St George
Fixed Rate Personal Loan
11.49 % Fixed
12.57% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Fixed Rate Personal Loan
10.49% Fixed
11.08% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Fixed Rate Personal Loans
11.99% Fixed
13.15% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Personal Loan
11.89% Variable
12.15% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Lender Product Name Advertised Rate Comparison Rate Monthly Repayment
Jade Caravan Loan 3.99%Secured 5.22%
CBA Variable Rate Personal Loan 13.50%Variable 14.37%
ANZ Variable Personal Loan 12.99%Variable 13.86%
NAB Variable Rate Personal Loan 12.69%Variable 13.56%
St George Fixed Rate Personal Loan 11.49 %Fixed 12.57%
Suncorp Fixed Rate Personal Loan 10.49%Fixed 11.08%
Westpac Fixed Rate Personal Loans 11.99%Fixed 13.15%
CUA Variable Rate Personal Loan 11.89%Variable 12.15%
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*Disclaimer: The comparison rate is based on a $30000 loan at a fixed interest rate over 5 years. The repayment shown does not allow for all possible fees and charges which may apply to your individual loan. The interest rate you are offered may vary from the rate displayed. Use this tool for comparison purposes only. Using this calculator is not a loan application, is not a loan offer, is not an indication of an approved loan in any way. The repayments you are offered may be different from those shown.

Caravan Finance Interest Rates 

Interest rates fascinate and frustrate for good reason. They are a key factor in many aspects of our lives. That percentage point or fraction of a basis point difference can add up to a significant difference on what you pay out in your hard-earned money on a loan over the full finance term. So sourcing the lowest rate loan offer can pay dividends in what you don’t have to pay to the lender and can use on your own travel experiences.

  • Cheap personal loan and business finance offers
  • Low rate loans on new and used models
  • Cheaper loans across all makes and models
  • Lowest loan prices on off-road, traditional, hybrid, semi-off road, pop-tops, slide-ons and more!
  • Manufacturer, dealer and private sale purchases

Best Caravan Loan Rates Australia

Get a quote from our company! We’re specialists in cheap finance rates and we handle caravan loans Australia wide. Lenders price their loans differently across different market sectors based on numerous factors including how active they are in that area, their costs of lending, their risk assessments and the key factor – their flexibility to negotiate with lenders like us!

You may discover that loan quotes will vary based on:

  • The amount of the loan you request
  • The loan term you request
  • The condition and age of the goods being purchased
  • Your credit rating

We have accreditation with over 60 banks and non-bank lenders so we have the field totally covered for you. But we don’t leave you to do the searching yourself. We’ve compiled a table of lenders that offer loans in this field, with their prices so you can see for yourself how much cheaper our offers can be compared with the market.

Plus, we then go out and organise the loan for you. We source the cheapest deal from across our lender connections and do the negotiating to drive the pricing and conditions down and assist you with the paperwork and settlement.

Compare Caravan Finance Rates across Major Lenders

We’ve taken the time out of comparing loans available from many lenders by compiling this handy reference chart which also doubles as a caravan loan repayment calculator. Immediately see the offers from these banks and finance companies. By entering your loan amount and preferred term, the system auto-calculates to display repayment estimates for every lender.

Quick, easy, convenient and a great time-saver and potential money-saver. You can immediately see which represents the cheapest offer and come straight to us to source you a confirmed quote.  To see how much you could save, just compare the monthly estimated repayments across the market and you’ll quickly appreciate the large significance of those seemingly small variations.

Used Caravan Financing Rates

Purchasing used goods can often raise questions and loan pricing with lenders. Some lenders will price loans on used goods higher than for new goods. The age and condition of the item are taken into consideration when pricing a loan.

But that doesn’t necessarily have to mean a significantly higher rate for your used vehicle loan. As specialists in this sector of the leisure goods market, we have a vast range and number of finance connections to source the cheapest loan offer regardless of the condition of the goods.

Request a quote to find out how low your repayments maybe with our lender service.

No Doc Caravan Finance Interest Rates

When setting up a business or relatively new, many operators won’t have the necessary financial records and accounts documents that are requested by many banks and some lenders. In those instances, we offer no doc caravan finance.

A widely-held misconception around this type of loan is that it will be priced at a much higher level than a fully documented business loan. That is not necessarily the case.

Where an applicant has a good credit record and meets the lender criteria in other areas, we can achieve the same low-rated loans as we do for businesses with all the documentation required. We achieve this through our industry-level connections with non-bank lenders that are more flexible and specialise in these types of finance.

To discuss your no doc loan options and the cheap priced lending we can source for you, just give us a call.

No Deposit Caravan Loan Rates

While some lenders will base their loan pricing on the total amount of the loan, it can be a myth that paying a deposit will result in getting a better rate. Normally this is not the case. Borrowing 100% of the purchase price of the goods is quite popular, accepted and commonplace and does not in itself determine the loan pricing. The same loan offers can apply equally to loans with or without a down payment being made.

With the current financial environment, it can make a lot of sense to borrow the full purchase amount and even add those optional extras and accessories into the loan. With the fixed elements of the loan, it will be all set and remain so over the entire loan term. Click to read more on no deposit caravan loans.

Use our caravan loan calculators to see the difference in repayments with and without a down payment.

Bad Credit Caravan Loans Interest Rates

The big question that people with credit issues want to know is are the rates higher for bad credit loans and how much higher? Assessing credit scores and history is a key part of the process that lenders undertake in assessing loan applications. The credit rating is considered as an indication of the risk associated with the applicant and rates are very much about risk.

As a general guide, loans to applicants with poor credit or other credit issues do tend to priced higher. However, the pricing can be assessed based on the specifics of the issues. With the sharp negotiating skills of our experts and our access to a diverse selection of lending sources, we have an impressive record of achieving affordable, workable finance deals for our customers with credit issues. Handling the process yourself can actually exacerbate the situation as applications for loans are entered on a credit report and multiple applications can reflect poorly on the individual.

Our services are confidential and there is no obligation attached to requesting a quote and engaging our professional resources and expertise to assist source you a well-priced loan.

Using a Caravan Finance Rate Calculator Comparison

Compare rates, compare loans and, most importantly, compare how much you can save with a better-rated loan. This is a real thing, extremely easy and we make it possible right here.

Two big pain points when buying major goods and sourcing financing for the purchase is converting the selling prices to loan repayments and converting lender interest rates to repayments. Both prices are easy to find but putting them into perspective in regard to your purchase is the challenge.

We’ve cured your pain with our loan calculators.

  • Self-serve rate comparison calculators
  • Free to use
  • Current data and figures
  • Easy to use, no maths expertise required

On our lender comparison chart, we display the offers from a large section of the market.

  • All you need to do is enter the amount you want to borrow and how long you’d like to pay off the loan the system auto-calculates the repayments across the entire table.
  • Instantly see what you’ll save or what it will cost you extra depending on the lender you select.
  • Vary the loan amount to compare different makes and models.
  • Decide between new and old by comparing repayments.
  • Select the lender that will save you the most – the one with the lowest rates.

Our caravan finance repayment calculator allows you to vary the loan term to see how repayments vary. Great tool for planning how you would like us to shape your loan.

Start calculating comparisons now and get your purchase plans underway!

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Caravan Loan Interest Rates FAQs

Interest rates are often a hot topic of discussion in many social circles. But rather than rely on hearsay and campfire conversations to make decisions around your loan, we recommend you consider our expert information. To clarify and elaborate on the points we have covered in our web pages, these FAQs drill down to more direct and precise topics which we trust will be helpful to you. Be mindful that our lenders offer interest rates on loans based on an individual assessment of each loan application. So the easiest way to find out exactly what the interest rate will be on your loan is to request a quote from us.

Will the caravan loan interest rate be fixed or variable?   

Secured Loans are arranged at a fixed interest rate. This means the rate that we achieve for you will remain the same, remain fixed, for the full term of the loan. It will not change in response to fluctuations in the official interest rate as set by the RBA. Unsecured Personal Loans, which are available when the caravan is not accepted as security against the loan, can be at a fixed or a variable interest rate. This will be discussed with you at the time you arrange your loan and dependent on issues around your application. With a fixed interest rate loan, you have certainty that your repayments will remain the same at the fixed amount which is arranged when the loan is secured.

How is the caravan loan interest rate decided?   

The interest rates offered by individual banks and lenders for caravan finance will be determined by their exposure to the sector, the cost of securing their own funds and general economic conditions. Lenders that are more active in the leisure lending market may tend to offer more attractive interest rates than lenders that are less interested in lending for this purpose. From the base industry rate, loan applications are assessed for risk and other factors and a specific interest rate offered based on that assessment. The interest rate you will be offered for you caravan loan may be in line with an advertised rate or higher. The comparison interest rate is the interest rate calculated when all fees and charges are accounted for and the advertised comparison rate is based on a specific example. You will see in the fine print the details of that specific example. When comparing interest rates from different lenders for consumer finance you should check the comparison rate.

How is there 0% interest rate caravan loans?   

0% interest rates are usually offered by sellers as an advertising element to attract buyers This type of loan offer often only includes the 0% rate for a short period and when that time expires, a much higher rate is applicable. 0% interest rate loans often conceal much higher lender fees and charges which allow the lender to recoup the loss on interest that would normally be charged. When considering a 0% interest rate loan, buyers should ask for the comparison interest rate or request a total loan amount quote. A total amount should show the total cost of the loan which includes all the interest and charges over the full term of the loan.

Can I get a cheaper caravan loan interest rate?   

Each caravan loan application is addressed individually and loan offers sourced and and negotiated with lenders on an individual basis. The rate achieved for you will be the based on your application. Lenders assign interest rates based on an assessment of the credit profile which includes the ability to repay the loan. To achieve a cheaper rate, applicants can look to improving their credit profile by fixing any issues in their credit report. They may also look to address issues around reducing other debts and other factors which may result in a better interest rate being achieved. The age of the caravan may also be a contributing factor. The older the goods sometimes reflects a higher interest rate.

Will making extra payments affect my caravan loan rates?   

No. The rate applicable to lending is set when the lender assessing the application. Secured loans typically have a fixed rate and unsecured lending can be fixed or variable. Unlike some types, the fixed rate in this category remains in place and constant over the entire fixed loan term. If a borrower chooses to make extra payments additional to the required monthly repayments, the term will be reduced and the total amount of interest will be reduced by the rate remains the same. Making extra payments results in owning the goods earlier and reducing the term but attracts break fees with some loan types.

Does the loan term affect the caravan finance rates?   

In principle, the term of a loan should not impact the rate offered by a lender to an individual applicant. The rate is determined by consideration of a range of factors including the credit profile and financial situation of the applicant, the goods and the lender’s preparedness to extend finance in that market. Terms for this category range from 1 through to 7 years at advertised rates across the lending market. However, the comparison rate will be different for different terms as the fixed fees and charges would be spread over a different time frame and this would impact the comparison rate. The advertised rate would be the same across the terms but the comparison rate may vary.

Do caravan loans interest rates vary for pre-approved loans?   

No. Pre-approved loans are arranged in advance of a buyer making a commitment to purchase goods. These lendings are available across all goods in this leisure market category and attract the same rates, terms and conditions which are arranged after the purchase has been committed to. This is consistent across all lending types including secured and unsecured personal loans and the full range of business finance facilities. Pre-approved lending can be particularly useful for buyers attending shows and expos where show deals are available. When using a repayment calculator to generate estimates for a pre-approved financing, the same rate can be input as for post-purchase loans.

Will my credit rating affect the caravan loans rate I’m offered?   

Yes. The credit profile and specifically the credit score of an applicant is a major determinant when a lender assesses an application. A credit score or rating is accrued by credit reporting agencies based on a person’s loan and debt repayment history, and credit applications, defaults and other financial dealings. Details on this issues are submitted by credit providers, utilities providers and others to the reporting agencies. A bad credit rating would not be expected to attract as low a rate as a good credit profile. In order to achieve the cheapest rate possible, applicants can improve their credit score by taking action to fix any errors or outdated entries.

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