COVID-Safe Caravanning and Camping

COVID-19 has changed just about every sector of our lives and we’re all going to have to adapt the way we go about our work, daily lives and our holidays. In a post-COVID world, many restrictions and guidelines are set to stay in place in the long term, so who will that affect caravan touring and camping holidays?

Caravans by their very nature are an ideal isolation hub – fully self-contained. But you still need to engage with other people, in holiday and caravan parks and in public places while you tour or holiday. Camping is a great way to get away from it all in your camper trailer, but you will need some engagement with the outside world!

As you plan your next trip, now could be the time to think about what changes or adjustments you may need to make. Here’s a few considerations that we’ve drawn from our research.


  • Social distancing, the 1.5m rule and the room capacity of 4 sq m per person for people outside your own household are set to remain in place into the future. When staying at parks and camp sites, keep this in mind.
  • If you like to have guests visit in your caravan, you may want to rethink that or invest in a larger van so everyone you accommodate has more space. Speak with us about a cheap caravan loan to assist with your purchase.
  • Hygiene measures will also remain in place so stock up on hand sanitiser in your kit and have it ready at the door so you can clean your hands and possibly change shoes before entering your van.
  • Adhere to hand hygiene after refuelling and using public facilities.
  • One of the great joys of caravan and camping is meeting so many different people. But sometimes these meetings are fleeting as you both continue on your trip. Very often, only first names are exchanged. Having the COVIDSafe app downloaded on your phone could literally be a life-saver. The app will assist health authorities with contact tracing in the event of someone being diagnosed with COVID-19. If you’ve met someone briefly at a holiday park or camp site and they contract coronavirus, it may be much easier for authorities to contact you and advise you to get tested.
  • Cleaning your vehicle and equipment. If you have guests to your site, perhaps using your outdoor chairs, sitting around and chatting, thorough cleaning of all surfaces is highly recommended.
  • When staying in holiday parks and at designated camping areas, you may notice differences in the way they are set-up and operate. Capacity may be reduced in order to comply with physical distancing rules and some communal facilities may no longer be available. Check ahead with the operators so you know what to expect on arrival.
  • Caravan parks were one of the many businesses ordered to close in the early stages of the pandemic. For operators, the Government has updated its with guidelines and regulations for many industries and particular businesses to create a COVID-safe workplace for both staff and visitors. Regular visitors to parks might like to refer to the site to see what recommendations are made for caravan and camping sites so you know what to expect.
  • Buying a caravan. Many caravan manufacturers have always had great websites often with videos and 3D tours of different models so buyers can see very clearly what each vehicle offers. This makes purchasing ‘from a distance’ a very easy process. While you’re browsing caravans for sale websites, don’t forget to have our caravan finance calculator open in another browser so you can compare repayments as you go.
  • If you’re heading to a dealer’s premises or meeting with a private seller to purchase a used caravan, RV, mobile home or camper trailer, you must adhere to social distancing protocols and the seller should also have practices in place to comply.
  • As restrictions are gradually lifted and more and more areas are reopened, many of the regional areas hit hard by drought, bush fires and now COVID-19 will be very much in need of a tourism boost. While planning your travels, be respectful and check the local council websites to see if they have any special coronavirus restrictions in place.

Upgrading Your Caravan, RV or Camper Trailer

In the light of the post-COVID era, you may be considering upgrading to a bigger van or from a camper trailer to a caravan so you can be fully self-contained or accommodate more guests with increased space.

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