Understanding Your Caravan Needs

As with any major purchase, planning can make a difference in your overall experience in purchasing your first caravan. With so many options currently available on the market, taking a little bit of time to think through the process can save you a few headaches down the road. Before purchasing your first caravan, consider looking into caravan loans in Perth and the following five situations when purchasing your first caravan.

Consider who will be joining you

A caravan loan is typically a long-term investment and your caravan should suit your personal lifestyle now and in the future too. Take the time to evaluate your current motorhome needs; will they be changing in the near future? Perhaps you’ve got school-aged children who will be leaving for post-secondary education. Make sure that the caravan you choose now will accommodate into the future as well.

What destination did you have in mind?

If you’re the type who likes to make their way around the country, it might be easier to purchase a smaller caravan that travels quickly – to save you time and hassle of moving between parks. If you’d like to purchase a caravan and leave it in a stationary location (like a motorhome park) than you’ll be more comfortable with a larger option that can simply set up and leave there. Either way, it’s important to ask yourself how often you plan on moving around with the new purchase and be realistic about the implications of choosing an impractical motorhome for your needs.

How often will you be travelling?

If you’re planning on using your caravan for shorter trips (think a weekend getaway) the smaller motorhomes or pop up options will be a better choice for your family. That’s because it doesn’t take as long to pack up and maneuver when you’re traveling. If you’re planning on traveling for extended periods of time, it might be beneficial to choose a caravan that’s a larger space with more room to breathe in the event of bad weather.

Where will it be stored when not in use?

Are you going to be storing your caravan on your property when you’re not using it, or will you be renting a location to house the camper? If you’re planning on storing it on your property, how much room will you have available to properly store it? Make sure that you choose a caravan that will fit into the storage space you have in mind – or look into renting options before committing to a larger vehicle.

What amenities do you need to have?

If you haven’t considered how much living space you’ll likely require, it’s important to be honest about your exact needs in the beginning – before purchasing more motorhome than you actually need. Using the best caravan loan calculator can help you budget effectively for your purchase. Take into account how often you’ll be travelling or vacationing with guests, how many people will be sleeping in the motorhome and what type of sleeping options suit your family’s lifestyle. Also, consider how many people will typically be inside the caravan in the event of bad weather – to ensure the living space isn’t too small or cramped during your stay. There are many government resources regarding caravans, click here for one of them.