Sunland Blue Heeler

Durable, proven, extreme off-roader

If you plan to go off the bitumen you need a caravan that is built for off-road use. Though there are different interpretations of ‘off-road’ by caravan manufacturers, Sunland describe their Blue Heeler model as an extreme off-road van and it has a proven record on the track.

The Sunland Blue Heeler is proven as a dependable and well-built off-road van which is well-equipped with many features to support the adventurous for extended off-road travels.

Sunland build their caravans to take on broken bitumen, gravel and corrugated dirt roads.

Improved Features

In the latest model Blue Heeler, Sunland have included several improvements including better ground clearance, improved insulation, more storage and better angles of approach and departure to tackle steeper water crossings and trails.

The Blue Heelers is available in a new range of sizes, 18’ 6” up to 21’ 6”, with floor plans to cater for either a full sized queen bed or two single beds. Another new feature is the smart bi-fold table which can easily be converted to a bed.

Well-Built and Well-Equipped

The Blue Heeler gets its strength and durability from the lightweight composite materials used in the walls and the flooring and Sunland’s experience and commitment to build caravans which are suited to tackle the harsh Australian conditions.

Fully welded box section aluminium construction is used for walls and floor with independent suspension and Raptor coating stone protection are all standard on the Sunland. The practical, lightweight construction allows for a greater payload so you can take all the things you need for an extended trip.

Standard features are impressive including double-glazed windows, large capacity 184L fridge, 160L water tank capacity, 19” TV, air-conditioning, quality appliances for cooking and entertainment and state-of-the-art electronics.

The timber cupboard finishes, lighting and wall treatment create a fresh, inviting and comfortable ambience inside the Blue Heeler.

Clever Aussie Engineering

Located in Caboolture in Queensland, Sunland Caravans is a family owned and operated business which exhibits plenty of Aussie innovation and engineering prowess. They don’t just assemble vans from purchased components, they manufacture many of their components including their unique chassis, which has an engineering rating for caravans of Off-Road 5, cabinetry as well as components which are exclusive to their brand. They specifically place very little plumbing and wiring under the van to minimise risk of damage to these facilities.

Sunland have so much faith in their own manufacturing, which is done on-site in Queensland, they offer a 20 year warranty on the chassis.

You can see the Sunland Blue Heeler and the other models in the Sunland Caravans range at their premises and at many of the caravan and camping shows throughout the country.

If you want to go off-road in a caravan which is specifically built for that purpose, perhaps a Sunland Caravan is worth considering.

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