Showcase: The Jayco Range for 2020

When you think caravans and leisure vehicles, you can’t help but think of Jayco. Arguably, possibly, the most favourite caravan manufacturer in Australia and definitely the most recognised, and a company that has continued to deliver innovative ranges and models for 45 years.

With Australian manufacturing in the spotlight around Australia’s sovereignty in the coronavirus response, Jayco is without doubt, one of the country’s great manufacturing success stories and after all these years is still a family-owned business.

Jaycos are seen on every highway and off the beaten track around the country as families, couples, solo travellers and adventurers appreciate the innovation, quality and safety incorporated into every vehicle without compromising on the all-important comfort factor.

The company’s range covers the full extent of the leisure vehicle market including the conventional caravan, camper trailers, pop tops, Expanda, motorhomes, RVs, campervans and the must-have toy haulers. Within each category the range of models include a vehicle to suit just about every recreational and leisure pursuit, holiday and travel style and group size.

We took a look at what Jayco has to offer its hordes of fans for 2020. What we found was three main ranges on offer – the Adventure Range, Family Range and Lifestyle Range and we checked out the models in each category.

Jayco 2020 Adventure Series

This exciting, built to tackle the most adventurous plans, range includes J-Pods, JTrak, All Terrain Caravan, All Terrain Pop Top, Crosstrak and Toy Haulers. We took a closer look at the Crosstrak and found a lightweight and compact, purpose-built, off-road hybrid vehicle.

Jayco have reduced the weight in the Crosstrak thanks to their own hot-dipped galvanised chassis construction combined with the independent trailing arm. The exterior is tough and the interior, as you would expect, practical and comfortable.

A few great features to note are the outdoor ensuite and outdoor kitchen. Logical and practical as the adventurous at heart that are drawn to the Crosstrak will be spending a heap of their time – outdoors. The outdoor ensuite is created by opening the rear hatch and it is complete with a privacy screen. Very clever and super useful.

Jayco 2020 Lifestyle Series

The market for the lifestyle range is clearly those who don’t intend to skimp on any luxury while travelling on the road. If that sounds like you, then put the Journey DX Pop Top on your ‘must consider’ list. It has the Jayco features of toughness and streamlined exterior that you expect but we went straight to the luxe interior and WOW! The styling, colour palette, furnishing finishes and fixtures and spacious layout are all superb.

Jayco 2020 Family Series

Not that it was ever out of fashion, but the family caravan holiday seems to be surging in popularity as more families seek a more affordable way to create a quality experience. The 2020 series has a number of different models to suit different sized families and the different styles of locations. The Camper trailers offer a great alternative to actually pitching that tent but still being able to indulge in that outdoor experience. For those with smaller vehicles, or not as experienced in towing, a camper trailer presents a great option. They may appear small, but with Jayco you can be assured that inside it has the space you need and the comfort you expect. The Jayco camper trailer range has a great offering of models so you should be able to choose the right one to suit your family.

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