Showcase: New Age Revamps

New Age Caravans has become one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers in a relatively short time, as a result of their advancements in design and engineering and essentially revolutionising many aspects of caravan manufacture.

Since being purchased by the Walkinshaw Automotive Group in 2019, New Age Caravans is clearly exhibiting how the Group’s automotive and engineering expertise is being integrated into their impressive ranges of caravans, pop tops and campers.

We put several of the New Age ranges in the spotlight to tempt you and start you thinking how you can enjoy travelling Australia in a New Age Caravan.

Manta Ray Range

The Walkinshaw influence on the New Age business is clearly evident in the revamp of the Manta Ray Range. A revamp which gives the stylish van even greater appeal and an even more comfortable experience as you travel.

The Manta Ray range has a model to suit every traveller – singles, couples and families – with sizes including 16 ft, 18 ft, 19ft, 20 ft and 22 ft. The interiors are sleek, stylish and spacious with contemporary styling and quality fixtures and fittings. The cleverly designed floorplans optimise the space, even in the smaller sized vans and every model includes a full ensuite bathroom. Even the smallest 16 ft model has a queen sized bed as standard.

So what’s new in the revamp? Well according to New Age, a totally new approach. The Walkinshaw engineered chassis which is hot dip galvanised for starters and the rear of the vans has been remoulded. Externally, the flat panels create an aerodynamic appearance. Inside, the colours and interiors have received a general overhaul and the result looks fantastic but more importantly, is functional and practical. Designed for 5 star luxury and ultimate travel enjoyment.

In addition to the standard models, New Age also offer semi-off road options with the Adventurer Pack pack which includes, amongst other features, the Cruisemaster suspension.

If you’re serious about enjoying your caravan life to the max, checking out the New Age Manta Ray range is must-do. There is also a pop-top in the range!

Big Red Range

New Age has also given the revamp treatment to their Big Red Range of caravans. This award-winning range is available in a range of sizes - 19 ft, 20 ft, 22ft and 23 ft. Once again, the Big Red also has the Walkinshaw-engineered hot dip galvanized chassis and has a number of new features which are sure to even further increase the popularity of this favourite.

The exterior styling is sleek and stylish. The revamp has included the new flat sides and a new product is being used. The water tanks have been upgraded to 210L.

Inside the thoughtful treatment continues with clever floorplans which maximise the space and suit a range of accommodation and activity requirements. The 22ft Club Lounge floorplan creates essentially a lounge-kitchen area separated from the sleeping and bathroom areas. An ideal living area for the whole family.

Queen beds are standard. The inclusion of slide-outs in some models essentially creates three separate living areas. A much-appreciated feature for those planning long trips or with large family groups to entertain.

On the entertainment angle – you can access your tech and music from anywhere including outdoors with the external speakers. Also worth a mention – solar panels, large fridge, full kitchen and plenty more to check out.

MY20 Wayfinder

For those that want a more compact option, you must check out the New Age Caravans products... They’ve revised the layouts and cabinetry for improved storage and the improved ABS moulding on the front reduces weight.

With affordability at the forefront of their thinking, the upgrade packs have been revamped!

Check out the entire range of New Age Caravans to decide which is best suited to your travel plans. The website includes great photo galleries and video interviews which explain many of the new and improved features.

Getting into your own New Age

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