Selecting the Caravan or Camper Trailer to Suit Your Travels

For new buyers, the vision of buying a caravan is filled with excitement and wonderful images of touring across the country, carefree holidays and freedom of travel. But when it comes down to deciding which particular caravan or camping vehicle to purchase, many are overwhelmed with the choices. To assist, here’s a brief explainer.

Types of Vehicles

  • Conventional Caravan: as the title implies, this is the classic definition of a caravan. A solid body vehicle with berths, kitchen and bathroom facilities. Lengths can vary from compact to up to 10 metres, some have one axle while the larger models feature two axles.
  • Off-Road Caravans: this description can have several connotations so make sure you’re on the right track when purchasing. Most Australian caravan manufacturers offer an off-road model in their range. These may be designed to take on more rugged roads for those touring in remote locations or as live-in work stations for remote and roving workers. They will have stronger axle and chassis to withstand the tougher terrain, are higher off the ground to more easily ride over rocky ground and will have the appropriate off-road tyres. At the more extreme end, off-road caravans are built for complete off-the-grid living. They will include they’re own power-generation and other inclusions.
  • Toy Haulers: these vehicles may look like a conventional caravan on the outside, but on opening they reveal their secret – a special additional compartment or deck to take all your toys. Compartments are included to take motorcycles, small boats, bicycles, work equipment and plenty of it. Decks and ramps are usually incorporated so you can easily get the toys in and out.
  • Motorhome: Sometimes referred to as an RV, recreational vehicle, the motorhome is your caravan and driving vehicle in the one unit. Winnebago is the most well-known brand in this category. It suits the traveller who wants to have all facilities easily at hand and the flexibility of being to pull up and stay in a wide range of locations, rather than be limited to a caravan park. Motorhomes come in a large range of sizes and luxury levels.
  • Camper Trailers: also known as a tent trailer, the camper trailer is a fold-down version of a caravan. Smaller in size, camper trailers can usually be towed by a standard car, thus avoiding the need for a large vehicle to tow a full-sized caravan. Camper trailers fold down to a trailer configuration so they do require set-up when you arrive at your destination. As such, possibly not the right choice if you like to stop for a quick cuppa while out on the road – a conventional caravan is easier in that respect. Despite their reduced size, camper trailers can include bathroom and cooking facilities. Due to the construction, camper trailers are more affordable than conventional caravans. They are great if you plan to holiday in a holiday park with additional facilities such as showers and BBQ areas are available on site.
  • Pop-Top Caravans: these models are basically the same as a conventional caravan but with the added bonus of a pop-top roof. Once you’ve parked you can activate the pop-top roof which provides higher roof, better ventilation in some models, and as such a better sense of space. When you’re ready to head-off, simply retract the top to return the vehicle to the conventional shape for ease of towing.
  • Pop-Out Caravans: these models may be a pop-top with a pop-out or a conventional van with a pop-out. The pop-out is on the end of the van, usually one end. When you’ve parked-up, simply activate the pop-out and you have created greater space inside. The pop-out is one of the beds so it allows the van to easily be adapted to accommodate additional guests when required.
  • Fifth-Wheelers: these are your very, very, very large caravans and definitely need a large vehicle to tow them. The size represents the enormous living space inside as these vehicles are designed for people that will spend an extended time on the road. While the large living size may be appealing to some, it may also limit where you can travel. The may be restrictions on what holiday parks and caravan and camping areas you can visit, so check ahead.

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