Difference In Camping Vehicles

Enjoying the great outdoors and the amazing natural beauty of Australia is amazing when you can do it from a camping vehicle. Learning the differences of these vehicles, will help you decide on which one to buy to fit your intended camping adventures. Each style is better suited to different lifestyles. As RV, just means a recreational vehicle, most people are confused when it is applied to all of the following vehicles. Just learn the difference and know that they are all RVs and you will be well on your way to making a choice.


Starting with this small RV first just makes sense. For those adventurous young souls that simply want to explore this great country and continent, this agile little vehicle can get you almost anywhere.

A Campervan as the name suggests are converted vans that offer minimal amenities for camping such as beds, small cook tops and some even offer bathroom facilities. However, space is at a premium in these vehicles and can only accommodate people that do not mind cramped quarters.

The advantage of course, is that they also provide the most fuel efficient option as well as the most compact option for getting into smaller areas where larger vehicles cannot go. Small families or seasoned individual travellers will love this RV.


Technically since Caravans are un-powered trailers without a vehicle portion to them, they are not RVs, although they are still often called RVs. A Caravan requirs another vehicle to pull them to their destination.

They are larger than Campervans but smaller than Motorhomes generally, although some large Caravans can be larger than some smaller Motorhomes. The benefits of Caravans are that you can tow them to their destination, unhook the towing vehicle and have a run-around vehicle at your destination. This allows easier traveling to get groceries without having to drive a large vehicle everywhere.

Caravans provide a lot of amenities including decent bedding, kitchens, bathrooms with shower stalls and the ability to connect to utilities such as electrical and water at most campgrounds. Great for extended vacations and holidays, Caravans offer the best of being mobile and enough amenities for a family to get by on.


Motorhomes on the other hand is what most people immediately associate with the word RV. They are the master class of camping and offer the largest form factor for those that want to enjoy life in the great outdoors but have the comforts of home as well.

Large vehicles like motorhomes are somewhat restricted to very remote areas simply by their size, but also offer the best option for retirees or families that want to enjoy summer-long adventures driving cross-country to enjoy all Australia has to offer. With the advantage of very limited set up and tear down, they are essentially floating hotels on wheels. Financing a motorhome can make this dream accessible. Stop and sleep, get up and drive.

More Information on this topic can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caravan

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