Checking Your Tow Vehicle

Most owners know the freedom and comfort that comes from owning a caravan – whether it’s the weekend retreats or discovering new territory. In fact, when you’ve decided to apply for a caravan loan, you’ve probably envisioned the same future. For many, however; towing the caravan hasn’t come into the equation, until after the caravan loan has been approved.
So what do you need to know about towing a caravan? To help you make an educated decision, we’ve compiled a list of five key things you need to consider:

 Is this an everyday vehicle or will this vehicle be used just for towing the caravan?

Before you purchase a new vehicle to pull your caravan, take the time to weigh out the benefits of having an everyday vehicle replaced. For instance, do you have to commute extended periods of time for work? While it might seem cheaper to simply replace your old car with a newer, heavier model, it might not be that simple when you factor in fuel charges, maintenance and other added expenses.

Who will be driving your new vehicle?

If you’ve decided to purchase a vehicle to pull your caravan, determine which family members are going to be using it throughout the year. If it’s possible, look for a vehicle that works well for everyone who will be driving the vehicle – you don’t want to have an over-sized vehicle that is too much truck for the main driver. Consider how the vehicle’s maintenance is going to impact your finances as well, especially with your caravan loan being added to the budget.

What features do you need to have?

While the towing capacity of most trucks and larger SUVs can be similar, the features of a vehicle can change substantially. List out some of your most important features you’d like to have – whether that’s storage solutions, extra seating or entertainment additions, and stick within the list you’ve outlined when you go shopping.

How much can you afford?

Purchasing a second (or third) vehicle can put serious strain on your finances, especially if you consider the maintenance, fuel charges and repairs that can add up throughout the years. Determine how much you can afford for a new vehicle purchase before browsing and stick with the budget you have in mind. Don’t forget to include your caravan loan into the budget too.

How heavy is your Caravan?

Depending on the specific size and weight of your new purchase, the type of vehicle requirements can vary substantially. For instance, a smaller pop-top can likely be pulled by a sedan – instead of needing to purchase a new heavy-duty truck for the trips. Make sure you check with the vehicle manufacturers for all towing or weight restrictions before taking your first trip as having an improper match can lead to catastrophic events. To be safe, it’s always best to talk to your insurance carrier as well – to identify any restrictions or liability issues you might have in the event there is an accident during your trip.

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