Caravan First Aid Kit Ideas

Whether you’re an occasional traveller or live to get away for the entire summer, having a properly packed first aid kit is important. An accident can happen quickly and it’s important that you’re prepared for it – from bee stings to rashes, and more. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how improperly their standard first aid kit is, until they need to use it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 12 items to include in your caravan first aid kit.


Most standard first aid kids come with bandages, but they generally don’t include the amount you’ll need throughout the caravan season. Make sure you invest in a few different sizes (from small to larger area coverage). Look for high-quality options that can stay attached when submersed in water or during physical activity.

Antiseptic Cream/Spray

Make sure that your caravan first aid kit contains a product designed to clean out any minor scrapes or cuts – especially while you’re vacationing. Always follow the product instructions and keep a note of the expiry dates.

Pain Relief Tablets

Good for headaches and random pains, it’s important to have at least a few tablets on hand in the event you come down with a bad flu, twisted ankle or headache. Most tablets last a one year to eighteen months before expiring – so keep an eye on the dates.

Tweezers and a Pin

Insect stings and slivers can be difficult to remove without the proper tools, so ensure you have a pair of flat tweezers handy should you need to get something out of your skin. Always remember to apply the antiseptic cream after removal to prevent infection. Remember to put the tweezers back in the kit when you’ve finished with them.

After sun products

A sun burn can cause mild to severe discomfort depending on the burn’s degree. There are several different topical products you can use to help cool the skin and prevent the burn from blistering. Make sure you have a product to ease the physical discomfort of the sunburn in combination with some pain relief tablets.

Antihistamine Tablets

There are hundreds of plants, bugs and pests that can cause an allergic reaction, which is the last thing you need to deal with on your vacation. Look for an oral antihistamine product that can reduce allergic symptoms (hives, itching, and swelling) and lasts at least four hours. In the event of a known anaphylactic allergy, always ensure you have an Epipen on hand in the first aid kit (in addition to the Epipen you carry with you).

Slings, Splints and Gauze

Although a medical emergency should never be treated from a Caravan, it’s important to have the proper medical supplies needed to get you to the nearest treatment facility. As you consider preparations for your journey, and possibly look into camper financing, ensure you have a few rolls of gauze, one splint (a straight piece of wood can work in a pinch), and a sling is readily available in your first aid kit for larger emergencies.

Last of all remember to visit the government websites for camping.

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