Camping Checks To Rememeber

When you’re getting ready to hit the road in your caravan for your next big vacation (or small weekend getaway), expenses can add up really quickly. That’s because we’re less likely to track our spending when we’re on the road for some fun and adventure. Unfortunately for most, these hidden expenses can put a serious indent on the monthly budget – especially if you’re trying to stick with an allotted amount. To help you stay on track during your next vacation, remember these six things in your budget:

Food and Treats

The average family miscalculates their food budget when they’re at home, and that number can grow exponentially when they’re on vacation (with a more lenient budget). If you’re hoping to keep the spending under control, write a list of all the food you’d like to bring up in the caravan with you. Account for proper leftovers, lunches, snacks and any beverages you’d like to have too. Don’t forget to look through any stores for sale prices or coupons.

Alcoholic Beverages

Far too often a night of drinking can turn into a full party—leaving an empty wallet the next morning, which can be a problem if you’re not budgeting for the expenses. Make sure you take the time to determine which drinks you’d like to have with you and spend a few minutes determining just how much the purchase is going to cost you.

Gas and Vehicle Maintenance

Regardless of the vehicle size, pulling a caravan can substantially impact the amount of fuel you’re going to consume while you’re traveling to your destination. More importantly, you’re also going to put more pressure on the engine and overall wear and tear on the vehicle itself as well. Make sure you budget a larger fuel amount and also any oil changes that might be needed before your trip into the expenses.

Campsite Fees and Expenses

When you’re booking a new campsite make sure you ask about any fees, taxes or additional surcharges that might get added on to your final bill. Some campsites may require a deposit against damages, additional vehicle expenses or dumping charges – so it’s always better to clarify before you wind up having to pay a lot more for your vacation. If you are unsure visit the government website on camping.

Firewood, Water or Ice Expenses

There’s something about being outdoors that simply calms the nerves, but it’s easy to get carried away with the extra expenses. There are many small expenses that can add up to a large impact if you’re not careful. Bags of wood, ice and other miscellaneous expenses should all be budgeted into your vacation fund. On average, expect to go through a bag of wood a night – this way if you use less, you’ll have a little more to spend on other things.

Emergency Expenses

No one ever wants to think of something going wrong on vacation, especially if its a larger expense like a car repair. However, when considering your budget for a vacation or a caravan purchase, it's important to factor in caravan loan interest rates. Make sure you take some of these larger expenses into account and have them available should an unfortunate situation arise that requires your attention.

From Jade Caravan Finance we hope our information helps you have an easier stressful camping holiday.