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The Jade Caravan Loan Calculator shares your spirit for the flexibility, freedom and adventure found in caravanning.

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Just as you have the freedom to explore at your own pace, our calculator allows you to calculate an estimate on your RV, motorhome or camper loan options when you want.
Camping gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule and your own route and our Caravan Loan Calculator allows you to adjust the various figures to arrive at a repayment level that suits you.
With your leisure goods in tow, you set off on an adventure to explore the country and by using our loan calculator, you set off to explore the credit options to suit your circumstances.
If you’re considering the purchase of a motorhome, caravan, camper or RV, the online Calculator is the essential resource.

Access The Calculator Online From Anywhere

We’ve designed our Calc tool so it is easy to use and within the reach of just about anyone who can use a computer.

Click Here For To Use Online Caravan FInance Calculator Now

Like most online forms, you simply type in the details where indicated.
And it’s available to use whenever and from wherever you choose. So if you’re out on the road, are stricken with caravan loan calculator envy seeing what others are travelling in and decide now is the time to upgrade, you can start planning your route to your new caravan by logging on to the online calculator for an estimate on finance.

Loan Calculator With A Range of Applications

But unlike a lot of online forms, our calculator offers the versatility of adjusting various figures so you can see how different interest rates and balloon payments will effect your repayments.
An essential requirement for those on a fixed income.
Confidential, Discrete and Private – No-one Has to Know Your Plans!
If you’re planning to surprise your partner with the idea of caravanning, the repayment Caravan loans Calculator is your confidante. Quietly input all the information to receive an immediate estimate on your repayments. No need to be overheard on the phone discussing the details just to get a ballpark and to see if your dreams are within your reach!

Free Online Finance Calculator & No Obligations!

It is free to use. As a courtesy, one of our consultants will contact you to provide an accurate quote and answer any of your questions. But there is no obligation to proceed any further, after that conversation or even after we have presented you with our great cheap caravan finance offer.
The Loan Calculator has some very convenient features, which allow you to easily receive a range of loan options.
Adjust the caravan finance interest rates and see get a range of monthly repayments to consider.
You can adjust the interest rates up and down, but if you are not familiar with current rates do not worry. Our consultant will clarify all those details for you over the phone. We advise you to use the tool for a number of interest rate levels and then you will have a range of repayment options to consider.
Shorten or lengthen the repayment period to suit your resources.
Period of the loan can be set over a range of time periods. The longer the period of the loan, the lower the repayments. So you can adjust the time on the calculator to reach an estimate that meets your budget.
Minimise repayments by varying the residual or balloon.
Many loan products offer the facility to pay a set percentage at the end of the loan period, known as a residual or balloon payment. This obviously reduces the amount you need to outlay each month and you can defer a large majority of the cost to a later date, at which you may consider refinance. The calculator allows you to vary this to achieve the repayment you anticipated. Be aware balloons have to be accepted by the lenders and can vary depending on age, term, and your credit strength.

Did You Allow For The Extra Fees and Charges

The fees and charges associated with establishing a loan vary amongst banks and financial institutions and as such, cannot be estimated by the online calculator. Please keep this in mind and your Jade consultant will confirm all these with an accurate quote.
When the calculator estimate is within your means and expectations, then it is time to start the adventure in earnest and get your loan organised.
Call our friendly consultants at Jade Caravan Finance on 1300 000 003 to discuss your caravan, motorhome, RV or camper loan.

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