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Jade Caravan Finance provides no deposit finance as possible options for caravan loans.

The term ‘no deposit finance’ is advertised widely in reference to many types of finance, especially consumer loans. So it’s important to understand what that may actually mean in different contexts, for different purchases and different loans.

By ‘no deposit’ we mean that no deposit would be requested by the lender or be required to be paid up front to the finance company, other than the first monthly repayment.

This is clearly differentiated from and separate from any deposit which the seller might request.

  • If you’re purchasing a new caravan from a dealer or manufacturer, you will likely be asked to pay a deposit so they can confirm your order. Many new caravans are built to order and to the buyer’s specs. The deposit is requested so the manufacturer can proceed with confidence.
  • If purchasing a used caravan from a dealer, a deposit may be requested to confirm the sale while you arrange your finance or so the dealer can do any pre-delivery preparations to the van.
  • If buying at auction, you will definitely be required to pay a deposit on the fall of the hammer.
  • When buying from a private seller, they may expect full payment.

In the case of dealer deposits, this can usually be accepted as a holding deposit, sometimes just a credit card imprint, which is returned to you at the time of settlement.

No Deposit in terms of your caravan loan, refers to a deposit from the lender.

  • This means that 100% of the purchase price of the leisure goods is included in the caravan finance package.
  • If you have paid a holding deposit to the seller, it can be returned to you and that amount encompassed in your finance package.
  • Lenders will consider the value, age and condition of the caravan and other factors before agreeing to no deposit finance.
  • If you specifically require no deposit finance, let your Jade consultant know your wishes. We have access to many banks and lenders and we know which ones we can best negotiate with for no deposit camper loans.


Not paying a deposit may conserve your cash reserves, but before you commit – consider the possibilities first:-

  • Even a small 10% deposit on a $40,000-$100,000 leisure goods can represent a significant amount of cash to pay up front. No deposit finance frees up your cash for other purposes.
  • However, if you do pay a non-refunded deposit to the seller or if requested by the lender, you are reducing the overall size of your caravan loan. By reducing the amount borrowed, you reduce your monthly repayments over the same loan term or reduce your loan term. You can pay off your caravan faster.

These are important considerations that your Jade consultant can discuss with you directly.

No deposit caravan finance is a possibility with us.

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