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Motorhome Finance - Motorhome Loans

12 Apr Today's
best rate
Caravan loans from
3.99 %
With a low
5.22 %
*The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, new goods, effective 12/04/2021 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

Compare Motorhome Finance Right Here

Getting into your motorhome with the cheapest finance offer does not have involve time-consuming credit searches, quotes and enquiries. Just enter your expected loan amount and loan term into our comparison tool and it will immediately show you how Jade’s todays best interest rate loans compare with what other lenders are offering.

Loan Amount
Loan Term
Motorhome Loan
3.99% Secured
5.22% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Personal Loan
13.50% Variable
14.37% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Personal Loan
12.99% Variable
13.86% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Personal Loan
12.69% Variable
13.56% Comparison
Monthly repayment
St George
Fixed Rate Personal Loan
11.49 % Fixed
12.57% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Fixed Rate Personal Loan
10.49% Fixed
11.08% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Fixed Rate Personal Loans
11.99% Fixed
13.15% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Personal Loan
11.89% Variable
12.15% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Lender Product Name Advertised Rate Comparison Rate Monthly Repayment
Jade Motorhome Loan 3.99%Secured 5.22%
CBA Variable Rate Personal Loan 13.50%Variable 14.37%
ANZ Variable Personal Loan 12.99%Variable 13.86%
NAB Variable Rate Personal Loan 12.69%Variable 13.56%
St George Fixed Rate Personal Loan 11.49 %Fixed 12.57%
Suncorp Fixed Rate Personal Loan 10.49%Fixed 11.08%
Westpac Fixed Rate Personal Loans 11.99%Fixed 13.15%
CUA Variable Rate Personal Loan 11.89%Variable 12.15%
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Disclaimer: The comparison rate indicated is based on a loan $30,000 at a fixed interest rate. The repayment shown does not allow for all possible fees and charges which may apply to your individual loan. The interest rate you are offered may vary from the rate displayed. Use this tool for comparison purposes only. Using this calculator is not a loan application, is not a credit offer, is not an indication of an approved loan in any way. The repayments you are offered may be different from those shown.

Jade Caravan Finance provides a range of motorhome loan products for both private and business customers. As an experienced finance broker with a nationwide customer base, Jade has the resources and network of great lending sources to offer you the best motorhome loan at the lowest interest rates possible.

Personal Motorhome Loans

If you’re purchasing a motorhome purely for personal use – holidays, recreation or as your retirement residence, at least for a while – we have several loan options.

Secured Personal Loan

  • Includes the Jade signature low interest rates
  • Interest rate fixed for the term of the loan
  • Fixed loan term, based on your requirements
  • Fixed monthly repayments for the term of the loan
  • Minimal break fees if you choose to pay out the loan early
  • You can make additional payments if desired
  • No deposit required by the lender

Unsecured Personal Loan

  • Features Jade’s low interest rate policy but as there is no security, the rate will be higher than the equivalent secured personal loan
  • Fixed monthly repayments but you can make additional payments to pay off the loan faster
  • Interest rate may be fixed or variable
  • If a variable rate is applied, no break fees usually apply
  • Some lenders have a maximum limit on unsecured loans. But your Jade Consultant knows who to approach to get the best loan offer for your motorhome, regardless of the purchase price

Business Motorhome Finance

If you’re purchasing a motorhome for business use, eg mining, environmental, engineering, construction work, Jade offers a comprehensive range of commercial finance products.

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Motorhome Lease
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)

All feature Jade’s low interest rate, fixed monthly repayments, fixed loan term and the option for a balloon or residual. We advise that you consult with your accountant as to which is best suited to your business structure in regard to GST, tax, depreciation and balance sheet position.

Loans for All Motorhomes

Jade Motorhome Loans are available for all types of vehicles - new, used and custom-built. Whether you buy from a dealer, private seller, online or an auction. Your Jade Consultant will be arrange a quote, usually within 24 hours, and on acceptance of our offer, will handle the paperwork and assist you with other aspects of the purchase.

Jade Caravan Finance is the broker that can deliver not only great deals and low interest rates, but the freedom and flexibility to structure your motorhome loan to suit your lifestyle.

Speak with a Jade Caravan Finance Consultant to discuss a financing solution for your motorhome. Call 1300 000 003

Specific Motorhome Loan FAQs

While a motorhome may be considered a home, a car and a recreational vehicle, our loans to purchase a motorhome fall under our caravan finance category. In answering these specific FAQs about motorhome loans, we’ve addressed issues which are specific to that category of recreational vehicle. Every Jade Caravan Finance application is treated on an individual basis so the information provided here is quite general in nature. If you still have further questions about applying for a loan on your particular vehicle, it’s easy to simply call as and ask! Call 1300 000 003

Does the size of the motorhome affect the loan?   

Not specifically but certain aspects around the actual motorhome may have an impact on the loan offered. Manufacturers offer a significant size range in the motorhome category. The price of a new motorhome usually increases with the size of the vehicle and that usually impacts the total loan amount and often the loan term requested. However, the interest rate should not change according to the size of the motorhome. The interest rate offered is determined primarily by the credit profile and details of the applicant. The purchase price or loan amount requested needs to be within the minimum and maximum loan limits of our individual lenders to be eligible for a caravan loan. The quickest and easiest way to see different repayment estimates for different sizes of motorhomes is to use a repayments calculator.

Is a motorhome financed with a car loan or a caravan loan?   

A loan for a motorhome is considered as caravan finance not a car loan. While a motorhome does come as a complete vehicle with engine and other car-related features, it is seen primarily as a recreational and travel vehicle rather than a passenger vehicle. If your question relates to the pricing and interest rates of a car loans compared with caravan finance, you need to refer to rates for caravan finance.

Can I get a loan for the full purchase price?   

In most cases, yes.Lending can be offered to cover the full purchase price of most motorhomes, subject to meeting individual lender guidelines around minimum and maximum loan amounts and other conditions. A loan for the full purchase price is commonly referred to as no deposit finance. This infers that the borrower does not have to pay a deposit for their motorhome and can borrow 100% of the purchase price. Separately to dealings with lenders, sellers may request that borrowers pay a deposit to hold the vehicle and especially if the motorhome is to be custom-built or built-to-order. This type of deposit may be included in the total loan amount when the loan is settled and as such returned to the borrower. In most cases, the lender will not request that the borrower make a deposit for their purchase. There of course can be exceptions as each motorhome finance application is addressed by lenders on an individual basis.

Can I get finance if I plan to live permanently in my motorhome?   

Finance is provided for motorhomes which are used for recreation and travel purposes, not as a permanent residence. If you intend to reside permanently in your motorhome and the it is your only residence, then the loans a Secured Caravan Loan would not be suitable. Your loan application would not meet the criteria of the lenders. If you use your motorhome for extended travel and still maintain a separate residence, then you should meet the caravan loan criteria. Often people use motorhomes and other types of caravans as short-term accommodation while building a home or when a home is being repaired after occurrences such as bush fires. In these examples, the home being built or repaired should be considered as the permanent residence and under this assumption, the loan request should be eligible.

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