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Caravan Loans Options to Suit Your Pocket

Here at Jade Caravan Finance we will discuss each of the options that you or we feel most appropriate to your financial circumstances and projected future income, and before you know it you will have your caravan loans agreed and your new caravan or road camper sitting outside your house.

Caravan Loans can be tailored to suit your needs, and that recreational vehicle you have your heart set on could shortly be yours. Whether you are looking for a dream caravan or a fabulous road camper, Jade Caravan Finance can help you by discussing your needs and offering an affordable RV loan package designed just for you.

Among the potential financing options enabling us to help you realize your dreams with cheap caravan finance are:


Standard Finance Agreements

Where you pay the interest and principal sum over a fixed period, usually no more than 5 years. Payment normally starts immediately the agreement is signed and the caravan delivered. You pay the same amount each month for the agreed term of the caravan loan.


Secured Caravan Finance

Standard caravan loan payments are the same throughout and secured finance lending has the advantage of fixed interest rates. As long as it is for personal use most banks and lenders will make available to you the option of paying extra off with no interest penalties and small administration break fees. For more information on interest rates and break fees request a caravan loans quote.


Balloon Payments:

Where you pay less for the period of the loan and then make a lump sum payment at the end of the repayment period. Balloon payments and basically interest only with a principal payment of the full balloon amount made at the end of the loan.

You can make full payment for this balloon with savings, trade in your caravan and use part of that to pay the balloon, or subject to a lender approving, simply re finance the balloon to a smaller loan and continue to pay it off.


Caravan FinanceCheap Caravan Loan Options

With unsecured caravan loans you can make the choice to have your interest rates to be variable or fixed. Most banks and lenders will offer up to 7 years loan term. This loans can attract a higher interest rate as there is no security offered to the lending institution.


rv loansUnsecured Caravan Loans

Each of the above RV finance options may be agreed should we consider it appropriate to your circumstances, and that you are able to meet the agreed repayment structure. Other factors that will be taken into consideration are the price of the caravan and its age. Some older caravans may be financed over a shorter term .


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